Aspire. Adapt. Amaze

Our services

Providing for both corporate and broadcast sector clients, Spear Point Productions are an all-encompassing service who:

  1. Create and produce screen content for DVD, film, television and multi-platform mediums;

  2. Have an extensive network of Indigenous community contacts and are culturally articulate; and

  3. Provide proficient guidance and advice for creating unique screen content.

Our inspiration

In the dying embers of the 19th century, the Overland Telegraph – a technological communications revolution that carved across all Aboriginal lands including the Kimberley region of Western Australia, was conquering Australia.

The never-ending trail of tall telegraph poles was a mysterious sight for the Kimberley Aboriginal people who stumbled across them.  More intriguing though were the glass insulators that they found on top of the poles, like ripe fruit on a tree.

Our people embraced this strange new discovery, and from shattered glass insulators, created spear points that were not just effective but intricately beautiful.  This story of repurposing technology for another unrealised use is the inspiration behind Spear Point Productions.

Our goal is to courageously adapt existing media production methodologies to create screen content on multiple platforms that is fresh, vibrant and daring.

Kelrick Martin - CEO & Creative Director

Kelrick hails from Broome, Western Australia and commenced his media career as a cadet Broadcaster for Goolarri Media. In 1998 he moved to Sydney into a producer/presenter role with ABC Radio National's Indigenous arts and culture program Awaye!. During this time he also produced radio documentaries for and presented Radio Eye. He then became the inaugural presenter of ABC TV's Message Stick program, before moving quickly into the Series Producer role.

Enrolled at AFTRS in 2001, he completed his Masters in Documentary Writing and Directing, and has since been an award winning freelance documentary filmmaker. In 2007 he was recruited by National Indigenous TV as a Commissioning Editor, and was responsible for the creation of over 400 hours of new Indigenous television programming, including the Marngrook Footy Show, the Barefoot Rugby League Show, Culture Warriors, Milli Milli Nganka, Waabiny Time, the Chocolate Martini, The Life of the Town, and NITV coverage of Indigenous events such as the 2008 NAIDOC awards, Survival Day, Ella 7's, First Contact, NATSIBA Basketball Championships, the Imparja Cup Cricket, the Island of Origin, and the NSW Koori Rugby League Knockouts.